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Vata person pillow

Vata types are like the wind and their quickly changing moods reflects this…. Pace. They are generally imaginative, eccentric, exciting and excited. When balanced, Vata types are often artists and visionaries with a strong sence of human unity. Due to their idealism and spirituality, they are often healers and teachers. When out of balance they can be indecisive, unreliable, restless, overly talkative, superficial and anxious. When completely out of balance, they can be fearful, secretive, depressed, mentally disturbed and even suicidal. Their bodies can be thin due to the inefficient way in which they expend energy. Vata types can become especially moody and anxious when they miss a meal. They also lack back in endurance and often have to take a break to re cooperate. The Vata type prefers warm climate, food and drink. Strongly creative, Vata types tend to move on to new pursuits before finishing old projects. They thrive with lots of healing massage, intertainment and total relaxation. A regular schedule can help dispel their anxieties and promote inner harmony.

Vata person pillow

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Vata person pillow
Code DSCN8324
Size 11 x 14 cm
Weight 200 grams
Made of Herbals
Made in Nepal

Price:  US$ 8.30

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