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Cedar rope incense

Quick Overview

Cedar rope Incense is made out of pure Cedar wood from Nepal's Himalayan region. The incense is100% natural and safe; it produces an earthy, woody and purifying scent in the environment. It is supplied in the form of small bundle that contains 12cm long approximately 45 braided form in ropes of thin Himalayan handmade natural Lokta paper. Since the Cedar Nepali incense is entirely handmade, the measurement may vary. The weight of the incense packet is calculated for the shipping purpose, hence the actual weight can be different than it is mentioned here.
To burn the rope incense: Lit the end of the braided rope and blow out the flame and allow it to burn well up to the top of the rope. The incense can be burnt on a flat burner plate or put into the incense burner like normal incense.