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Amoghashiddhi - healing powder incense

Quick Overview

The powder incense has been prepared according to the religious Tibetan formulae. The powder incense contains the mixture of Dhupi, the black Juniper, Artemisia vulgaris and Bdellium. The aroma of this incense provides spiritual happiness and helps to relax body as it purifies the air.
How to use?
To use this Amoghasiddhi incense powder, burn few pieces of charcoal or incense sticks and then put some of the incense powder from the top to the fire either just put into the fire house. We get the fragrance of these aromatic herbs gently. The actual weight of the packet is 100 gram but the weight mentioned below is based on shipping. The incense is organic with NO chemical extract, Non-Toxic and Non addictive. Since the product is entirely handmade, there can be a slight variation in given detail and measurement.