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Discover unique Nepalese and Tibetan handicrafts and clothing online
  • Ready stock: Clothing and Handicrafts

    Ready stock: Clothing and Handicrafts

    This category contains the products from our ready stock of different clothing and accessories. One can place the orders of these stocks online wishing to receive the goods right away. We can dispatch the order of the stock within a week once the order is confirmed with the payme...

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  • Fashion clothes & Accessories

    Fashion clothes & Accessories

    We have been manufacturing and exporting high quality Nepalese clothing, t-shirts and accessories for the general high sheet fashion market catering for the seasonal fashion demands. This category includes hand knitted woolen sweaters, varieties of woolen jackets and vests, woole...

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  • Mens Clothing

    Mens Clothing

    This category contains handcrafted men's clothing offered by the Nepalese craft persons produced in their own working conditions and prices that represent the fair-trade norms. Hippie style various design patch-work trousers, shirts, shorts, jackets are the main attraction here. ...

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  • Kids clothing

    Kids clothing

    We offer range of Nepal made children wear suitable for all sizes starting from infants wear, baby clothing, growing kids and boys clothing, brother and sister clothes. Creation Nepal has collection of colorful decorated family wear; fun dresses and t-shirts, sweatshirts, hooded ...

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  • Ritual Items: Dharma-ware

    Ritual Items: Dharma-ware

    Creation Nepal, an online handicrafts shop provides high quality hand-crafted Buddhist ritual Dharma items from Nepal, Tibet and India. This category contains various objects used in the Himalayan cultures of Nepal and Tibet. Through our store we are regularly supplying Tibetan D...

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  • Sterling silver Jewellery

    Sterling silver Jewellery

    Visit our silver jewelry section for range of Nepalese and Tibetan silver jewelry. Here we offer hand made silver jewelry of Nepal, Tibetan and Nepalese traditional and modern silver jewelry those made of 925 stamped Sterling silver from Nepal. Hand made Nepalese sterling silver ...

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  • Jewelry - Metal and beads

    Jewelry - Metal and beads

    This category contains beautiful and fashionable (costume and imitation) jewelry from Nepal, India and Tibet. Such products are white metal jewelry,copper and brass jewelry, glass beads necklaces and pendants, earrings, finger rings, bracelets and bangles that are all handmade in...

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  • Organic natural products

    Organic natural products

    The collective terms for aromas hinting of dried herbs such as sage, dill and mint are called herbal. The Himalayan country of Nepal is greatest realm of the greatest Himalayan Herbal products. We offer verities of Himalayan herbal products such as herbal medicine, herbal soaps, ...

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  • Statue crafts, arts, decoratives

    Statue crafts, arts, decoratives

    We offer verities of metal, wooden, resin and stone crafts produce in Nepal. Our products starts from a butter lamp to huge dragon statue. Mostly we use copper or brass in any kind of metal carvings but silver or gold can be added to increase the beauty and value. All the metal a...

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  • Bone Jewelry and accessories

    Bone Jewelry and accessories

    In general term BONE relates to the body of living things in our ecosystem. When the domestic animals like buffalo, yaks, goats etc. are dead or killed for meat purpose, the bones are collected and used for making various types of beautiful items such as bone pendants, amulets, f...

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  • Handmade Lokta Paper

    Handmade Lokta Paper

    Creation Nepal manufacture and exports high grade handmade Lokta paper sheets, notebooks, bags, embroidered or printed gift wrapping papers, journals, art books, photo albums, gift Boxes, photo frames etc. The world's premium handmade paper products by the Nepalese mountain peopl...

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  • Felted woolen products

    Felted woolen products

    What is Felt? Felt is a fabric made of wool fibers or animal hair matted together by steam and pressure without spinning, weaving or knitting. Such fibers include wool, fur and certain other hair fibers that mat together under appropriate conditions because of their peculiar str...

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  • Bags: Handmade bags

    Bags: Handmade bags

    We offer varieties of wonderful handmade bags in various fabrics and colors. Product quality, range of designs and functionality are the main features of our bags. Whether it is fashionable ladies bags or monk bags or college bags or Passport bags or camera bags, all you can find...

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  • Wall hanging and embroidered items

    Wall hanging and embroidered items

    Creation Nepal offer varieties 100% cotton beautiful various images printed wall hangings of multipurpose (bed sheets, table cover etc.) and hand loomed Table linen, Bed linen including varieties of beautiful and unique hand prints and hand sewn designs. Similarly this category a...

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  • Leather handmade accessories

    Leather handmade accessories

    Creation Nepal offers high quality fine handmade leather goods such as leather bags, leather wallets, leather wristbands, leather hair clips, money clips, leather belts. All of our leather accessories are made from one piece of full grain leather and are guaranteed not split crac...

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  • Tibetan products collection

    Tibetan products collection

    We are promoting some of the beautiful Tibetan items that help to promote the Tibetan culture and spirit of World peace. This section provides our customers with a great number of products. More of our Tibetan culture related Dharma items are available at Ritual Items: Dharma-war...

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  • Recycled cotton products

    Recycled cotton products

    The recycled cotton items are made out of weaving mill waste yarns. The leftover threads or other waste are gathered and hand spun to make these beautiful rustic looking yarn. The colors will be supplied on all our recycled silk products will be based on the availability and they...

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  • Hemp and Nettle products

    Hemp and Nettle products

    Hemp is the most environment friendly tree that actually improves the soil quality where it grows and it is also resistant to insects and. Hemp fabric is highly durable, nature friendly, unique as well as stylish and also refers as bio-degradable. Hemp material is very durable, w...

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  • Ethnic Nepali products

    Ethnic Nepali products

    Traditional and ethnic Nepali products are available in this category. A wide collection of Nepalese musical instruments, traditional Mithila arts and crafts, beautiful puppets of various Nepalese tribes that represent Nepali culture, are the main attraction....

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  • Cashmere Pashmina products

    Cashmere Pashmina products

    Pashmina, the luxury fine cashmere gathered from the undercoat of the Himalayan mountain goats is highly praised all over the World for the quality and its softness. The Himalayan Mountain Goats, CARPA HIRCUS discards their winter coat, the Cashmere every spring. The fiber is col...

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  • Stickers and more

    Stickers and more

    Paper mouse pad, fridge magnet stickers, plastic paper stickers, printed paper, post card, calendars, trekking map and beautiful embroidered badges are offered in this category....

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  • Products of Recycled plastic

    Products of Recycled plastic

    The products of this category is made out of packaging plastic of chocolates, noodles and many other dry foods cover thrown after used. We encourage people to collect such plastic wastage and purchase from them; then we use it as raw materials of many beautiful items. Our aim is ...

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  • Acrylic shawl and scarves

    Acrylic shawl and scarves

    Creation Nepal offers beautiful light weight acrylic wool stoles with brushing on it. It is very popular since warm fur will be produced after nicely brushing the acrylic stoles. Different size stoles and scarves are produced from our traditional hand-loom. The shawls are compara...

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  • Silk stoles and accessories

    Silk stoles and accessories

    A fine, strong, soft lustrous fiber, silk is produced by silkworms in making cocoons and later collected to make thread and fabric. Several different insects can produce silk, but only the silk of moth caterpillars have been used for textile manufacturing. Because of its origin, ...

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