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Dear Visitor, The F.A.Q. section of our website allows you to ask questions about our products and our company. Answers to many of your questions may be found by clicking on the categories below. If you do not find your answer within the listed categories, please email us your questions. We will be happy to hear from you and will respond in a short time. Thank you very much for your interest in Creation Nepal.

General questions.

Question: Are my profile detail safe at Creation Nepal?
Answer: Yes. Your profile detail will be used only to contact with you. We never share our database to any third parties. Please read our privacy policy and terms.

Question: Can I buy your products without registering myself?
Answer: No, we had this facility earlier (unregistered visitors used to place orders). Recently we’ve updated our system and any individual or business must be registered to place the orders. Get registered now to obtain the benefits: 1. We know about your purchasing preferences. 2. We give wholesale permissions to the registered users only. 3. Wholesale privileged customers those purchase minimum required wholesale quantity get the products in discounted price; you may try it. 4. Registration is easy and free of cost. 5. You will have to enter less data, if you are a recurring customer. 6. You can modify your address (both billing and shipping contact detail), if there are any changes. We suggest you to register yourself in our website, before you start adding items to your shopping basket.

Question: Can I visit your website without logging in?
Answer: Yes, you can.

Question: I want to hide my login and page visits.
Answer: This is not possible. For any one who visits our website, we know what pages you are visiting. However, we do not keep monitoring.

Question: What does Creation Nepal actually do?
Answer: The main business theme of Creation Nepal is to promote and sell creative handcrafted items made by contemporary artists living in Nepal. As part of this, Creation Nepal continually encourages Nepali artists and artisans to refine their creativity by providing an online market for their products at attractive prices. also helps international importers introduce Nepali handcrafted items to their countries at reasonable cost. In fact, Creation Nepal is B2B merchant and serves as a bridge between individual artists and importers. We strongly believe in fair trade policy.



Question: How to wear Pashmina?
Answer: Pashmina comes from 'Pashm' the Persian word for "wool," and refers to the wool of certain Tibetan animals, particularly goats, commonly used for making shawls. The wool in the Pashmina usually is produced by a species of Himalayan goat. Pashmina is a very trendy fashion fabric all year round. Please check what we have to offer you on our website.


Question: What is Pashmina?
Answer: Pashmina comes from 'Pashm' the Persian word for "wool," and refers to the wool of certain Tibetan animals, particularly goats, commonly used for making shawls. The wool in the Pashmina usually is produced by a species of Himalayan goat. Pashmina is a very trendy fashion fabric all year round. Please check what we have to offer you on our website.



Question: What kind of jewelry you are selling?
Answer: We deal primarily in silver jewelry made in Nepal, featuring intricate hand worked details by skilled craftsmen and artisans. Our jewelry has gained recognition in the international marketplace. Jewelry offered on Handicrafts Concept represent the highest expression of age-old Nepali craftsmanship.


Metal Craft

Question: What is the major metal craft available at Creation Nepal?
Answer: The metal craft products available at Creation Nepal store are mainly metal images of popular motif of Hinduism and Buddhism. These products are mostly produced by household units clustered around the Patan city in Kathmandu Valley. Producing the exceptional metal images is one of our old tradition, hence Nepalese hand crafted metal statues are considered as a great value in the world.


Question: What is the procedure of making metal statues in Nepal?
Answer: The metal statues are produced with the lost wax method of casting. This method of casting is done by preparing a wax model, covering it with varieties of clay, heating the piece so that the wax is melted , extract the liquid wax so that cavity is created, pouring metal into the cavity, cool it and the original model is translated into the metal image. The metal image out of the casting becomes very rough. Our skilled craftsmen starts making the rough image smooth, chiseling will be done to bring into precision. This complicated job requires an artist's conception, proper technology, an engineer's perfection and the skillful hands of a craftsman. The art and skill is transferred hereditary and artisans follow the age-old designs and production technology in Nepal.


Wooden craft

Question: What are significant wooden products in Nepal?
Answer: The high quality wood carving craftsmanship of Kathmandu valley, are reflected in various articles like windows, doors, mythological figures, chests, boxes, figures of gods and goddesses, animals and birds. Nowadays the carvings have been scaled down to include various items like picture frames, mirror frames, small boxes, animals, buttons, decorative wall hangings and even to CD cases.


Fashion & Clothing

Question: Are your Pashmina products made from the endangered species of Himalayan antelope wool?
Answer: No, the pashmina products offered by Creation Nepal .com are not made of wool from the most endangered species of Himalayan antelope. Creation Nepal never contributes to the extinction of these beautiful, small and very rare animals. Our pashmina wool product comes from the gathering from the undercoat of the Himalayan mountain goat, capra hircus and farmed Angora rabbits. It can only be collected in the spring when the goats naturally shed their winter coats, and each animal yields only 3-8 ounces per year and even NO animal is harmed in the process of collection. Hence Creation Nepal has legal permission to export pashmina products.


Question: How can I be your wholesale privilege customer?
Answer: It is hassle free and easy to be our wholesale privileged customers; all you need to do is to tell us a bit of about you and your business. For an easy navigation simply click here and submit the online form with the complete information asked so that we will review your request and will provide you registration with the wholesale information access permission if we find your information authentic. An email will be sent to you immediately at your e-mail id containing your user access codes. Then you can use your wholesale account by using that information.


Question: How can I retrieve my password if I forgot it?
Answer: Click on the Forgot password near to the login box; your password will be sent in your email address if that exists at our member list. If you still experience the problem write us mentioning your email address and username so that we can reset it for you as your password is known only to you. Hence, please try and memorize it.


Question: I can not login with my correct username and password.
Answer: Check if you have enabled cookies in your browser. We recommend you to use Firefox or Opera browser. We have tested it on IE 7 and Safari too, but we might have not maintained the support.


Question: Is a wholesale Company?
Answer: Yes, we facilitate to small and medium businesses supplying small quantities of Nepalese handicrafts and clothing.


Question: Tell me something about silver jewelry craftsmen and their designs.
Answer: Nepalese silver jewelry products have been an ancient tradition based predominantly on caste and culture. The silver jewelry is manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen from Shakya and Sunar family, all by hand. These groups are able to adapt various designs and can now create beautiful works of art in jewelry forms to meet the western market trend. Keeping the work completely handmade still today by letting the workers do the new designs to adapt their ancient skills to modern designs. This unique feature makes Nepalese silver jewelry items different form those produced in other countries.


Question: What are the fabric do you normally use to produce handmade fashion ware?
Answer: We are using hemp and nettle, the Himalayan wild fibers to make bags, hats, coin purse, belt and many other natural fashion wares. Hemp and the nettle harvests in the mountains at the end of the monsoon every year and the local people collect the raw materials and they process it naturally not using any chemical to make the fibers. Since hemp is known as an oldest and strongest natural fiber, it is in common use in the rural areas of Western Nepal. It is an indigenous plant which regenerates quickly after harvesting. Hemp is a valuable, sustainable eco-friendly resource, and is loved due to all its many uses like clothes, ropes and paper. Besides hemp and nettle we also use recycled silk (banana silk), 100% cotton and wool.


Question: What are your metals or white metal jewelries made out of; does these jewelries causes the allergies
Answer: Our metal jewelries mostly are made out of brass and copper and they are safe to wear still some people can have metal allergy and they can feel after they wear it. Hence we recommend sensitive skin people not to wear such kind of metal jewelry.


Question: What is felt?
Answer: Felt is a fabric made of compressed matted animal fibers. The raw material of felt products is lamb's wool and it comes from New Zealand. This wool is considered the best wool in the world.


Question: What is the existance of wooden craft in Nepal at persent?
Answer: The art of woodcarving has been in existences since the Middle Ages as evident from artistic wood works found in various old temples, palaces and houses in and around Kathmandu valley. In the period of 1960s; the development of wooden craft came down in crucial phase but when the tourists started visiting Nepal then the demand of the wooden arts hiked as the tourists started buying the wooden arts as decorative gift from Nepal. Similarly the opening of new hotels and construction of new houses also created demand for artistic woodcarvings


Ritual Objects

Question: Can I have a list of ritual items available at Creation Nepal store?
Answer: Yes,  Creation Nepal offers varieties of ritual objects relating to Buddhist and Hindu religion. Prayer flags (available in four different sizes and quality), prayer wheels (both big and small size), singing bowls (traditional and carved), incense (Tibetan and Indian), butter lamps, Dorje, Phurba, Buddha statues, Malas, Materials for Yoga, Monk bags, Stupas and Temples are the main products that we offer.


Question: What is mean by ritual objects?
Answer: Any customary observance or procedure for conducting religious ceremonies practiced by humans is called ritual. The items needed for such ceremonies are called ritual Objects.


Handmade Papers

Question: What are the handmade paper products available at Creation Nepal store?
Answer: In fact, the entire stuff available at the Creation Nepal store is handmade. Creation Nepal offers varieties of paper products such as greeting cards, stationary sets and notebooks, gift wrapping paper, bags, envelopes, photo frames and albums, jewelry boxes, lamp shades, thick art sheets and wall paper. All these handmade paper products reflect the tradition of ancient and original Nepalese culture.


Question: What are the proper uses of handmade paper products in Nepal?
Answer: The people of Nepal use natural paper in their daily life for writing valuable legal documents and making sacred masks. Since the handmade Nepali paper is renowned for its exceptional durability and for its lively and special texture, it was in regular use to write manuscripts and printing of sacred texts in Nepal and Tibet.


Question: What is the making procedure of handmade paper?
Answer: The bark from Daphne cannabina or Daphne Papyracea " Lokta" in the local language, is the raw material used. It is gathered at high altitudes in a way that preserves the fragile ecology of Nepalese forests. Then, it is carried to villages two or three days walk down to the mountains, where the paper-makers clean and boil the bark. Beating with wooden mallets produces a pulp which is poured into wooden frames, sun dried sheets are transported to paper factories where they are dyed, stenciled, printed and transformed in to attractive products by craftsmen.


Herbal Products

Question: What herbal products are available at Creation Nepal store?
Answer: The products derived from the natural plants that have aromas and flavors with medicinal properties are considered as herbal products. Creation Nepal has varieties of Himalayan herbal incense, herbal teas, herbal soap, essential oils, aromatic pillows, dried morel mushroom, Himalayan honey and even varieties of medicinal raw herbs.


Felt products

Question: Can you tell me the procedure of producing felt products?
Answer: Yes, our felt items are considered a very special handmade and fair trade products in the world. Many people even don’t know what the felt is and how the products are to be prepared? Here we are trying to explain the making procedure as clearly as possible: At the very beginning, the wool need to be carded and dyed in various colors. Dyeing can be done either by hand or by machine but to ensure color fastness, it must be done by machine in natural process. Upon completion of the coloring process our skilled workers (mostly womens); start compressing the raw material by hand with washing soap and hot water. After continuous hardworking on compressing; the wool will formed into patches that can be sewn together or made directly into bags, hats and shoes. Patterns can be added to the felt at this stage by rubbing different colored wool into the base sheet with soap and hot water and integrating the fibers of the two to produce the pattern. Very fine and intricate designs can be produced as the workers pay great attention to detail and are highly skilled. When the product is formed and designed it must be sun dried. After drying, some extra work such as sewing or additional decorating is to be done. The product is then finished and ready for sale.


Question: Do you have felt color chart?
Answer: Yes, we currently have 47 colors and can be available on request or can viewed online while placing orders of felt items


Fashionable metal jewelry

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