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Creation Nepal offers varieties of quality Nepalese handicrafts including fashionable garments, pure lokta paper products, woolen sweaters, varieties of handmade Nepalese bags including fancy Kashmeri suede bags to export all over the world. Besides our own products we produce custom designs.
In addition to paper products, bags, hats, apparel and silver jewelry, we can provide you a range of traditional arts and crafts such as thanka paintings, Nepalese and Tibetan carpets, and Buddhist ritual items including prayer flags, stupas, statues and incense.

Furthermore, carved wood crafts, metal crafts, masks, musical instruments, puppets, stone crafts, beads, ceramics products, herbal teas and other herbal products are also available with us.

Fashion garments

woolen sweaters and jackets, fashionable rib t-shirts & jackets, summer quality 100% cotton tops and shirts, heavy Cotton jackets & tops, cotton crochet products, recycled silk, cotton and woolen scarves, woolen jackets and ponchos, cotton & recycled silk skirts, cotton wrappers & trousers, hats made of hemp, silk and cotton, head bands, hemp and woolen fashion belts, woolen socks, gloves and mitten etc.

Nepali pure Lokta paper products

Note books, greetings cards, wrapping paper, Photo albums, lamp shades, shopping bags, thick art sheets, visiting cards and zodiac journals.

Woolen sweaters

Full sleeve sweaters, pashmina wool sweaters, woolen jackets sweaters, scarves, ponchos, mitten, gloves and socks, bags etc.


We offer varieties of wonderful handmade bags in various fabrics and colors. Product quality, range of designs and functionality are the main features of our bags. Whether it is fashionable ladies bags or monk bags or college bags or Passport bags or camera bags, all you can find a varieties of bags made of wild fiber- hemp & nettle, soft Cashmere suede leather in various embroidered Cashmere designs, hand loomed Gheri cotton, velvet, recycled rustic silk, hand loomed woolen and light weight rubberized taffeta bags. This category also includes different design coin purses and accessories as well.


We offer woolen and cotton knit hats as they are warm and fashionable and suitable for fall and winter months. Recycled silk hats, 100% cotton knitting hats, Cotton patch-work with beautiful crochet designs hats, woolen hats, natural hemp hats, natural nettle hats, natural raw silk hats and suede leather hats are all our handmade hats collection.

Raw materials

Most of our raw materials such as hemp, nettle, cotton, silk, natural pashmina and paper products come from the mountains, and they are made by hand locally. Local villagers collect wild hemp and nettles in quantities that do not adversely affect the bio-system, to keep the harvest eco-friendly. Production begins with soaking the plant fiber, which is then boiled with ash to bleach it and make it soft. After drying on rocks in the sun, the fiber is turned into thread by hand and delivered to looms to be woven into fabric. Hemp fabric is a bit harder than nettles and is more durable than cotton, and hemp products are long-lasting. These natural fiber fabrics are healthful for the wearer, providing warmth in cold weather and helping one stay cool in during hot weather.

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